Atlas Honda Genuine Parts are specifically designed to meet the requirements of Honda motorcycles in all sorts of conditions. They are manufactured as per Japanese standards to meet the highest efficiency and durability standards.

Atlas Honda Genuine Parts can be purchased from any of Atlas Honda Parts dealers, 3S /5S dealers and Antenna dealers. For locating a Honda dealer nearest to you having Atlas Honda Genuine Parts, kindly Click Here.

Even though Atlas Honda Genuine Parts are manufactured for Honda bikes, they are also used by mechanics in other non-Honda bikes due to superior quality. Many of the Atlas Honda Genuine Parts are also compatible with bikes of other brands.

Atlas Honda Genuine Parts have certain security features installed in their packaging that enable customers in differentiating between an authentic Atlas Honda spare part and a counterfeit. A close examination of these security features will confirm the authenticity of the parts that the customer is purchasing.

To learn more about these security features, please Click Here.

All parts which come factory fitted in Honda motorcycles have a 6 months warranty. Parts that are subsequently purchased off the shelf from dealerships / shops are not covered under warranty policy.

For details of Company’s warranty policy, please Click Here.

This completely depends upon the part which requires to be changed and the competence level of the individual. Honda’s Owner’s Manual (a booklet provided to every Honda bike owner) contains all the necessary information which can equip a customer with skills required to handle basic spare parts. However, in case if the customer feels that he / she is not doing something properly or is struggling to get parts fixed, the Company strongly recommends a visit to nearest Honda dealer or mechanic.

Complete servicing and maintenance schedules of various Atlas Honda genuine parts are available in the area of “Service & Warranty”. Please Click Here for details.

A customer has the following avenues of information at his disposal for gathering information / updates on Atlas Honda Genuine Parts:

Honda Owner’s Manual
Refer to our owner’s manual for any particular details regarding any spare parts.

Honda Dealerships
Visit your nearest Honda 3S / 5S, Spare parts and Antenna dealerships and get all the information you need on Atlas Honda Genuine Parts.

Customer Contact Centre
AHL’s Customer Contact Centre is at your service to assist you in improving your understanding of spare parts. Call (042)-111-245-222 and get connected to a Honda customer service representative right away. (Operational in office hours only).

Our Facebook page
Our FB page is one of the most active social media platforms of automobile industry and will answer all your queries in the quickest time possible.

Visit: https://web.facebook.com/Atlas.Honda.pk/

Atlas Honda Genuine Engine Oil ensures engine performance as per standards by providing extra protection against sludge, varnish, rust and oxidation. It is designed as high quality multi-grade oil blended for effective long run lubrication, both for low and high temperature operations.

Engine oil has a tendency to lose its properties over time. In order to retain the performance of motorcycle, Atlas Honda Genuine Engine Oil should be changed on every 2,000 km (excluding first free service).

Not Recommended. As motorcycle 4 stroke engine do not operate under the same conditions as those of cars (higher engine rpm and temperature). Motorcycle engine lubricant can also be used to lubricate the gear box and the clutch which requires a formula with EXTREME PRESSURE ADDITIVES. On the other hand a passenger vehicle lubricant contains DETERGENT ADDITIVES with a high ash content. In motorcycle engines, these cause deposits to form on the value train and the piston crowns which can result in valve burning perforation.