Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Obeying the Law

Atlas Honda Limited is committed to comply with the laws and regulations of Pakistan.

Human Capital

Atlas Honda Limited is committed to:

  • Create a working environment where there is mutual trust & respect.
  • Be an equal opportunity employer.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. It neither uses nor supports the use of any form of forced, compulsory or child labor.

Atlas Honda Limited is committed to:

  • Provide products which consistently offer value in terms of price and quality.
  • Promote safe practices throughout value chain from distributors to end users. It is committed to provide customers with products and services that are safe and reliable.

Atlas Honda Limited conducts its operations in accordance with principles of good corporate governance.

Business Partners

Atlas Honda Limited is committed to establish mutually beneficial relations with its suppliers,customers and business partners. In its business dealings it expects its partners to adhere to business principles consistent with its own.

Community Involvement

Atlas Honda Limited strives to be a trusted corporate citizen and, as an integral part of society, fulfill its responsibilities to the societies and communities in which it operates.

Public Activities

Atlas Honda Limited:

  • Co-operates with government and other organizations in the development of proposed legislation and other regulations, which may affect its legitimate business interests.
  • Neither supports political activities nor contributes funds to promote such activities.
  • Is committed for promoting activities for safe driving.
Health, Safety and Environment

Atlas Honda Limited is committed to:

  • Make continuous improvements in the management of its environmental impact and to the long-term goal of developing a sustainable business.
  • Work in partnership with others to promote environmental care, increase understanding of environmental issues and disseminate good practice.
  • Atlas Honda is committed to the protection of Human health, Safety and Environment in all of the areas where we conduct our business.
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HSE Policy


Atlas Honda Limited is committed to fair competition and supports development of appropriate competition laws.

Business Integrity & Anti – Corruption

Atlas Honda Limited does not give or receive, whether directly or indirectly, bribes or other improper advantages for business or financial gain.

No employee may offer, give or receive any gift or payment, which is, or may be construed as being, a bribe. Any demand for, or offer of, a bribe must be rejected immediately and reported to management.

Its accounting records and supporting documents must accurately describe and reflect the nature of the underlying transactions. No undisclosed or unrecorded account, fund or asset will be established or maintained.

Conflicts of Interests

All of Atlas Honda Limited employees are expected to avoid personal activities and financial interests, which could conflict with their responsibilities to the Company.

Compliance – Monitoring – Reporting

Assurance of compliance is given and monitored each year. Compliance with the Code is subject to review by the Board supported by Audit Committee.

Any breach of the Code must be reported in accordance with the procedures specified by the management.

The Board expects employees to bring to their attention, or to that of senior management, any breach or suspected breach of these principles.

Provision has been made for employees to be able to report in confidence and no employee will suffer as a consequence of doing so.

Media, Publishing and Public Appearances
  • All employees of the Company shall refrain from providing any corporate information to someone outside the Company unless they are authorized to do so.
  • All employees of the Company shall refrain from commenting on Social Media platforms regarding any corporate information unless they are authorized to do so.
  • Before publishing, making speeches, giving interviews, or making public appearances that are connected to business interests that may reflect on the Company, the concerned employee must get written approval from the competent authority.