The Joint Winners for 2015 ‘Best Sustainability Report


The annual ACCA-WWF Pakistan Environmental Reporting Awards were held on World Environment Day to recognise innovative and transparent corporate reporting. The event attracted representatives from various organisations including CEOs, CFOs, ACCA members and other professionals from corporate, public sector and practice, NGOs and media.

The discussion forum was moderated by Arif Masud Mirza, regional head of policy MENASA, ACCA and the panellists included Professor Imran Ali, Rector and Dean, Karachi School for Business & Leadership, Nasim Beg, Executive Vice Chairman, Arif Habib Group, Parvez Ghias, CEO Indus Motor Company Limited and Hammad Naqi Khan, Director General, WWF-Pakistan.

The ACCA-WWF Pakistan Environmental Reporting Awards 2012 ceremony also held on the same day recognised and awarded companies that report on corporate environmental, social and sustainability performance to a broad range of stakeholders. The joint winners for 2015 ‘Best Sustainability Report’ were Atlas Honda Limited and ICI Pakistan Limited. The award for ‘Best Environmental Report’ was received by Hinopak Motors Limited and the runner up was awarded to K-Electric. ‘Citation for the first Integrated Report’ in Pakistan was awarded to Engro Corporation Limited and lastly the ‘Commendation Award for the Environmental Report (unlisted)’ was presented to Qarshi Industries Pvt Limited.

Speaking on the ACCA WWF Pakistan Environmental Reporting Awards 2015, Stuart Dunlop, Regional Director-MENASA, ACCA said: “ACCA’s view, as long time advocates and promoters of sustainability reporting, is that sustainability reporting can and does instill good corporate behaviour. But this can only be done with consistent standards.”-PR