‘Honda pe bharosa Aisa, koi nahi CD70 Jaisa’- why the new Honda CD70 is the best 70cc motorcycle out there


At the time when two-wheelers in Pakistan are taking over, there is a single-player that is seen more
on the roads than any other- that player is Atlas Honda CD70. It is not only one of the most
recognizable bikes in Pakistan, but it’s also a name that emerges right on top from the day it was first
released in 1984. Rightly so because this consumer favorite 70cc commuter bike, with Exceptional
Mileage, Fair Pickup, Easy Availability of Spare Parts and along with its reputation of being Cash
Deposit, brought about a revolution in the market and set new standards, making it one of the
market’s most desirable models being offered as the most economical motorcycle in Pakistan. As
Atlas Honda molded its offering according to the customer’s demands, the all-new CD70 grew into
the best motorcycle for those looking to purchase a new motorcycle.

However, when you are against the tide of tough competition, being aggressively innovative is
necessary, which is why Atlas Honda did not let that comfort of being a commuter favorite stop it
from becoming better and improving. While maintaining the standard of the classic CD70, Atlas
Honda implemented avant-garde strategies and introduced the all-new 2022 model of CD 70 with
an anthem, “Honda pe bharosa aisa koi nahi CD70 jaisa” that proudly announced the motorcycle’s
101 new changes.

The upgrade saw 58 changes in the design and 43 changes in the engine.

The latest model of the timeless 70cc Honda CD70 saw significant changes to make the
performance more efficient. The most notable upgrades were the improvement of Low Friction
Piston Rings and design to make its performance faster than before. The other significant
adjustment is a Higher Compression Ratio, meaning the engine has High-Temperature Resistance
with New Combustion Chamber Design. And to offer long-lasting performance and better heat
exchange, Atlas Honda Enhanced Thickness of Engine Sleeves with Bigger Fins. Keeping in mind
the reduction of environmental impact, the new CD-70, apart from having excellent gas mileage,
developed a global standard drive chain for better performance.

Lastly, to cater to the needs of those who want to own and ride an aesthetically pleasing bike Atlas
Honda introduced Attractive New Stickers, which enhances the beauty of the bike. The stickers are
made of Green, Yellow, and Grey colors on the red variant, while Yellow, Golden, and Grey colors
are used in the black variant.

The All-New Honda CD70 motorcycle, currently available in two colors- paired with 4-Stroke OHC
Air Cooled, is priced in the bracket of Rs. Rs.94,900.00 at all Atlas Honda Dealerships making it the
ultimate ride for those who seek affordability and durability.

Therefore, to conclude, if you’re looking for the perfect motorcycle for you, choose Atlas Honda
CD-70 because the story, which started in 1984, continues to evolve with the changing times to give
commuters a better experience.