1973 – 1983 The Decade of Efficiency

The Company faces great challenges due to loss of Atlas Epak Limited. Mr. Soichiro Honda offers markets of Iran and African countries as a way to assist, but Mr. Shirazi remains committed to Pakistan. Under his guidance, the Company continued to invest in machineries and equipments and explore alternate revenue sources through start of core defense production. In order to keep abreast with the latest techniques of management, the Company introduces “Management by Objectives” (MBO) system of management.

The Company continues rapid acceleration in localization of imported components. The Company concluded agreements for the local manufacture of various Honda motorcycle parts.

Faced with growing demand and amidst aggressive expansion plans, the Company launches two of its longest running and most popular production models, the fuel efficient CD 70 and high performance CG 125. Due to their unique features, these models became the Company’s flagship products. Restriction on imported components is lifted and the Company utilizes its full capacity of 18,000 units for the first time.

Panjdarya Limited, an associated company, is incorporated with its plant facility at Sheikhupura for increasing product distribution in Punjab. Second Technical Assistance Agreement is signed with the Honda Motor Company Limited. Relay out, modernization and balancing of manufacturing facility is carried out, which was entirely financed by Company’s own resources.

In collaboration with the Association for Technical Scholarships of Japan, series of technical seminars are held in Pakistan for the first time.

In connection with plant development efforts, several technical teams, including high dignitaries from Honda Motor visits the plant.

A motorcycle Technical Training Centre is established in Lahore to give special attention to train mechanics and users from the rural areas where adequate service facilities are not available.

Panjdarya Limited commences commercial production at its Sheikhupura plant.

The 2 – stroke MB 100 is launched with a memorable advertising campaign.

The President, Mr. Zia ul Haq visits the plant.